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MyBKExperience Survey is one of the easiest ways to get free food from every Burger King franchise without much effort. All you need is a recent purchase receipt from Burger King to complete the survey successfully, And we will walk you through all the steps necessary to complete the survey successfully.

Survey Details

Survey Name MyBKExperience
Type Online
Reward Original Chicken Sandwich & Whopper Sandwich
Requirement Burger King Receipt
Official Website
Age Limit 18+ Years
Location USA
Language English & Spanish
Time ~4 Minutes


Benefits of participating in MyBKExperience Survey

The main advantage for customers is the free food coupons provided after completing the customer satisfaction survey at the MyBKExperaince portal. The list of rewards is mentioned below.

  1. Original chicken sandwich
  2. Croissan’Wich
  3. Free Whopper Burger or Whopper Sandwich
  4. Free Chicken or Veg Whopper

As for the company, when we are completing this customer satisfaction survey, with this data, they can improve their future customer satisfaction rates and food quality and find out problems within outlets. So, it’s a win-win for both parties. Why should we wait? Get your recent Burger King receipt, and let us get started.

What are the Basic Requirements MyBKExperience Survey?

  • Purchase Receipt: To participate in the survey, you generally need a recent purchase receipt from a Burger King restaurant. The receipt should contain a survey invitation code or a store number, which is required to access the survey.
  • Device with Internet Access: You will need a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a stable internet connection to access the survey website.
  • Language Proficiency: Most surveys are available in multiple languages. Ensure you can understand and respond to the survey questions in their rented language.
  • Legal Eligibility: You should be of legal age to participate in the survey. The legal age for participation can vary by location, but it’s typically 18 years or older.
  • Residency: You may need to be a resident of the country where the survey is conducted. Some surveys are limited to residents of specific countries.
  • Survey Time Limit: Some surveys have a time limit for completion, so ensure you have enough time to answer the questions.
    Valid Email Address: Sometimes, you may need a valid email address to receive any rewards or validation codes offered after completing the MyBKExperience survey.

Now, let’s get started with the survey, shall we?

How To Take Burger King Customer Experience Survey?

Here are our ten step-by-step instructions for completing the MyBKExperience customer satisfaction survey.

mybkexperiencecom survey

  1. Visit the official website of Mybkexperience survey
  2. Select a preferred language, either English, Spanish, or French.
  3. Enter the restaurant number found on the front of your receipt. T
  4. Then click the NEXT button to provide your feedback.
  5. Here is where you need to answer a few questions online about your latest Burger King experience. Tell Burger King if your meal was dinner, takeaway, delivery service, or drive-thru.
  6. Start by answering the Burger King survey questions that appear on your screen. Using the available option, it would be best to rate your overall satisfaction with the last Burger King visit. Rate your satisfaction with Burger King’s service, food, staff, cleanliness, surroundings, etc.
    Questions asked in the Burger King Survey.
    The taste of your food.
    Your overall satisfaction.
    Cleanliness of the store
    How often do you visit the restaurant?
    How much time is taken to deliver your order
    The overall satisfaction with your experience at the restaurant.
    About food prices.
    The behavior of the staff.
  7. When you finish, click next. Finally, you will be required to rate your satisfaction level. You can choose high satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied,
  8. Input your personal information, such as full name, phone number, email address, and others.
  9. You have completed the survey.
  10. Remember, when you redeem the validation code, please bring your receipt.

After replying to all the questions, you will be rewarded with the Burger King coupon code. You should note down this coupon code on the receipt. You must carry the order receipt with a code written to get a free whopper burger.

MyBKExperience Survey Rewards

Burger King will reward you with a coupon code for finishing the MyBKExperience survey. When you have the reward coupon code, you can redeem the BK coupon for any of the following rewards.

  1. Original chicken sandwich
  2. Croissan’Wich
  3. Free Whopper Burger or Whopper Sandwich
  4. Free Chicken or Veg Whopper

How Do I Get My BK Crown Card?

Are you in a Burger King location participating in the BK Crown Card Program? Then, it will be wise to register and get a BK Crown Card today.

Step 1: All you need to do is to visit
Step 2: Choose the delivery method of your Burger King gift card/crown card, either through email/phone or Physical.
Step 3: Fill in the required details to personalize the gift card and click add to cart.

You will get the crown card using the delivery method you selected.

Important Things to Note:

The validity of the coupon is 30 days
Limitations: MyBKExperience limits this survey process to only one household monthly.
One receipt can redeemed one voucher at a time.
The survey and feedback option is available only in selected months.

Customer Care

[email protected]
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
MIAMI, Florida

Phone number: 1-866-394-2493 or 1-844-576-0546 (for those residing in Canada)
Official site:


In conclusion, the MyBKExperience survey provides valuable feedback to Burger King on customer satisfaction and areas for improvement. By taking the time to participate in the survey, customers can help shape the future of their dining experience at Burger King. Your opinions and suggestions are important, and Burger King appreciates your input. Thank you for your time and feedback.